I'm a developer who loves to build ideas from scratch.

From ideation to product fit, I am passionate about bringing new ideas into life and market them. Being a multifaceted full stack developer with a business background, I can take any idea into reality.

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, studied Economics and later Entrepreneurship (Knowmads) in Amsterdam. In 2011 I moved to London to be a full time poker player, and in the meantime I learned to code in order to build myself a tool to track my poker results (Poker Grinder App). Around 2012, I got the amazing opportunity to start working for SYOU as the CTO and worked there until the last day of its existence in 2017. I worked then in CTCue for a couple of years as full stack developer, and eventually in 2019 I quit in order to dedicate more time to do what I love: build stuff!

This is a list of old projects I build since 2017. Some are tools, somer are apps, some are commercial and making money.

Poker Grinder AppiOS, Android
App Report StatusGoogle Functions
Github Compare*Web
Boulder TwistiOS, Android

This is a list of projects I worked recently as a freelancer.

Muziekstudio Herengracht*Web
Abby Chat BotMobile

* Together with Diogo Batista.